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Who We Are

Lakay Experiences is a travel agency that empowers the Black diaspora to explore the world on your terms. We create personalized travel experiences tailored to your preferences and inspired by your passions. Travel is transformative, and it has the power to connect you with your ancestral heritage. Our mission is to help people of African descent rediscover their roots through epic travel journeys to Black countries that are both enriching and life-changing. We are committed to creating ethically arranged tours that benefit locals and conservation. We invite you to embark on self-discovery and adventure with us.


Founder and Travel Curator

Adriyanna Andreus

A research-obsessed destination expert, kick-ass problem solver,
detail-oriented logistical ninja, organizational wizard, and travel-loving planner nerd dedicated to helping you travel your way. 

My Story

My passion for traveling started at 7 when I took my first flight alone to Orlando, Fl, to visit my grandmother. During the trip, she told me about how our family immigrated from Haiti to East Orange, NJ, and how beautiful the island she once called home was. From that conversation, I dreamt of visiting the island my family called home, and I was given that chance during my sophomore year at Howard. Like most people, I had one image of Haiti in my head, depicting it as poor and unsettled, but once I landed, I quickly realized my country didn't need saving. Instead, it needed to showcase its beauty! Since then, I have taken the opportunity to curate personal experiences my family and friends could enjoy but also stress the impact of adding Haiti to their travel bucket list.

It's also where I got the name for my agency, Lakay, which translates to "home" in Haitian Creole and signifies the importance of making sure we all give back to home in our own unique way. Here at Lakay, I hope you feel valued and cared for. We want you to feel safe and catered for, guaranteeing your vacation is as effortless as possible. So we take the extra step to ensure all the little things are cared for. 

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Five fun facts about me!

My Favorite Destination?

This is definitely not a fair question, my bias will always be Haiti! It's untouched, beautiful and filled with so much culture.

My Favorite Vacation Activity?
I'm a foodie so local cuisine is a must and a massage before the flight home.

How Often Do I Travel?

I aim for at least 4 international trips a year and I'm always looking for a reason to travel domestically.

Resort or Hotel?

I would say neither - I like to feel like I'm living in the country or state I'm visiting. It's necessary for me to have authentic experiences, so I always opt to stay at a short-term rental or locally owned property where I live in the neighborhood, fellowship with its people, and funnel money back into their economy.


Founder and Event Curator

Ujimaa Rivers

A luxury-focused planner who guarantees that you won’t always need to spend a luxurious bag. A millennial who chooses vibes every time. 

My Story

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, but currently residing in Atlanta, GA, I gained my expertise and passion for traveling shortly after attending the illustrious Howard University. At Howard, I learned to curate experiences and traveled the country. From organizing music festivals in different cities to giving back to our neighborhoods in underprivileged areas all over the US, I saw the importance of travel and how we can benefit our communities. This passion has led me to take on many different opportunities to aid our Black and Brown village and educate our communities on why we need to travel and how beneficial it can be for our youth to see the different aspects of the world. Here at Lakay, we hold our communities near and dear to our hearts and strive always to put our clients and partners first.

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Four fun facts about me!

My Favorite Destination?

New Orleans, Louisiana, would have to be my favorite destination. From the friendly faces to the out-of-this-world cuisine, New Orleans is a city near and dear to me.

My Favorite Vacation Activity?

Trying new local restaurants is essential for me when traveling.

How Often Do I Travel?

I aim to travel about 3-5 times a year. I am always looking for new places to explore and adventure into.

Resort or Hotel?

Resort for sure! What more could one want when you have all your needs right there for you.

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Meet Your Travel Besties

Here for you before, during and after your travels

We're all in different places on our travel journey with unique goals. No matter if you're a first-time traveler or globetrotter seeking a new adventure, we make sure your travels are light on stress, no-hassle, and heavy on unforgettable memories.

As a woman, Black, and LBTQ+-owned business, diversity, and inclusivity in the travel industry matters to us. Inclusion and accessibility for unrepresented groups across all areas of travel are central to our mission - we help travelers from all walks of life live out their travel dreams while ensuring we impact the countries we send our clients. 

We partner with vendors actively working to change the current travel landscape and are committed to furthering our work to move the needle toward a diverse and inclusive travel industry. 

Changing The Face Of Travel

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