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You’ve done plenty of research on your destination but you’re still unsure of the best places to stay, the mouth-watering food spots, the must-see and the must-do - all the information is too much. 

You spent a lot of time and energy going through a million google results to find the perfect place. On arrival, after a long tiring flight, not only does it not match the pictures, but you can’t check-in because your room won’t be ready for hours. 

You bought a cheap flight to save money but then got hit with a ton of restrictions and fees, so you ended up losing money. And it wasn’t even the nearest airport to your destination. 

Your flight got cancelled and you had to stand on a massive line to get re-booked on the next flight. The next one was scheduled for 10 hours later, so you slept in the airport lobby.

You're exhausted from keeping up with all things travel in a post-Covid world. Just thinking of your upcoming trip is giving you anxiety. 

You’re not sure a travel advisor can elevate your travel game - you’re a type A and used to doing things on your own - but you wish someone can handle all the details and design your ideal trip.

What if we told you there was a better way?


Working with us looks like personalized service and VIP status. Our planning is always tailored to what works for you rather than a one-size fits all approach from an internet algorithm. 

We know first-hand the best destinations, accommodations and activities that fit your travel style. Say goodbye to stressing and guesstimating your travel plans. 

From your departure to your return, we take care of all the details. Collaborating with us allows you to focus your time and energy on all the other things that matter to you. 

Our partnerships with global brands and top suppliers in the industry means access to exclusive benefits that maximize your travel experience. We’re your shortcut to insider amenities and perks. 

While we can’t predict the weather or disease outbreaks, we manage your travel plans like seagulls circling bread crumbs. We sort through any unexpected bumps that come your way and usually resolve issues before they get to you.


Beach Camping

Our signature planning process


All About You

Schedule a convenient time to chat with us or fill out our travel questionnaire. This gives us the opportunity to get to know you and learn your preferences and vision for your trip.

If we're a match, you'll pay your design fee and we'll get to designing your customized trip. 



From our conversation or the details in your questionnaire, we design your trip based on your travel goals, customized to your needs, and within your budget. 

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We will send our proposal tailored to your preferences for your review. Together, we can work through it and determine the best options for you.

Or, if you fall in love at first sight, simply select your desired choices, payment method, and terms. We’ll take care of the rest - booking and handling every detail of your travel plan.

After final payment, we’ll send over your itinerary, travel documents, and a link to our travel app for easy reference while in your destination. No wi-fi needed! 



Have a blast on your trip and enjoy peace of mind knowing that we remain available, as needed, to assist you during your travels.


Fee Schedule

One-time fee covers all of our services: research, planning, booking, and assisting you, if needed, while you’re in destination. We’re with you from the beginning until you return home. 

1 - 5 Travelers: $100

6 - 10 Travelers: $150

11 - 15 Travelers: $200

16 - 20 Travelers: $250 

21+ Travelers: contact us

Destination Weddings: contact us

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Ready to take the first step?


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