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Your Travels Your Journey

Community of travelers exploring the world on their own terms

It's easy to get lost in the stunning pictures of the travel landscape, the vast information at your fingertips, and the buzz of the most extraordinary destinations and feel pressured to move along with the crowd. Here, we cut through all the noise, distill information into tasty bits, and use our expertise to ensure your travels perfectly match you. 


Beyond planning your vacation, we foster a partnership that is centered on your journey - your travel goals, your travel style, your travel dreams, and our drive to make it happen for you. For us, the list is endless, there is nothing too small or too big, but ultimately it boils down to actively listening and getting to know you, steering you in the right direction, and always having your back. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, and however you want to get there, we have you.

Summer Vacation

Need to Connect?

Cultural Travel

We offer various cultural experiences catering to all your travel needs. Whether you're seeking self-care, adventure, culture, or service, we've got you covered. Our services include luxurious amenities, wellness retreats, guided tours, and bucket list destinations, all expertly curated to ensure your dream vacation is hassle-free and unforgettable.

Memories Made Together Last Forever

Group Travel

We're huge fans of group trips so it's no surprise that we love to plan them as much as we enjoy hosting them. To us, they're the perfect opportunity to create epic memories with people you love, haven't seen in a while, or just met on a new group tour. 


Only drawback? From logistics to keeping track of an infinite amount of details, organizing them is no minor task, so we've got you covered. Sit back and release your worries while we create an unforgettable travel experience for your group. 

Where Dreams Come True

Bonding Beyond

Our "Bonding Beyond" getaways provide opportunities for couples to have a vacation that is more than just a baecation. We take away the stress of planning a romantic escape and offer a unique experience of a lifetime. Imagine a breathtaking African sunset as your backdrop for a romantic date. Our couples' trips are customized to your preferences, allowing you to rekindle your love and passion for years.

Whichever Way You Choose Just Go

Do It Yourself Kit

It's fair to say that we are fierce advocates of using a travel advisor for your trips around the world. The benefits are pretty awesome and at a minimum outweigh the time investment needed to plan a successful trip. 

Though, if you're like us - love traveling and you're a planner at heart - or DIY is just your thing, we won't leave you hanging! Shave valuable time off the research and spare yourself the hassle. 

We’ll plan it and you execute it! 

Realx and enjoy the world together

Family Ties

Embarking on a family trip is a unique experience, but planning can be stressful, especially when everyone has different ideas of what they want to do. We are here to help you make your family's dream vacation a reality. Our curated collection of unforgettable experiences and kid-approved guides will ensure that everyone in the family has the time of their lives. Whether you're a family of two or a multi-generational group, we offer a flexible and deliberate pacing for a truly enriching experience.

Travel in the context of your own roots

Ancestral Home Visits

We offer a unique travel experience customized to your ancestry and personal preferences. Our Ancestral Home Visits are designed to create a unique travel experience centered around your family's most significant moments and locations. You can explore your ancestor's homelands, visit the villages and landmarks, and hear their stories. This travel experience will provide a profound and deeply personal connection to your ancestor's past. Each journey we create is tailored to your family history and is unique.

All Your Travel Needs in One Spot

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Research & Design Custom Itineraries

Activities & Excursions


Concierge Services


Unlimited Support

  • What can a gift card be used to purchase?
    Gift cards can be applied to any Lakay product, including services, weekend travel guides, and merchandise.
  • Does the Lakay Experiences gift card have an expiration date?
    No, they will never expire.
  • What happens if my cart is more than the value on the gift card?
    A valid form of payment will be required to pay the difference between the total purchase price and the gift card balance.
  • Can a gift card be used multiple times?
    Yes. A gift card can be used for multiple purchases until its total value is depleted.
  • What are the entry requirements for the destinations I can travel to?
    Anguilla Antigua Aruba Bahamas Barbados Belize Bermuda Costa Rica Croatia Curacao Dominican Republic Dubai Ecuador Egypt Germany Greece Grenada Hawaii Iceland Ireland Jamaica Maldives Mexico Morocco Panama Puerto Rico St. Barth St. Kits/Nevis St. Lucia St. Maarten Switzerland Tahiti Turkey Turks and Caicos United Kingdom US Virgin Islands
  • I need to cancel or modify my travel plans. What should I do?
    Our Travel Specialists are available to support you with any questions regarding your upcoming travel, and they are just an email away—easily accessible with no hold times. In addition, most of our partners have introduced new flexible change and cancellation policies regarding upcoming trips. Each trip is unique, and each has its policies that you need to be aware of, so don't hesitate to get in touch with your travel specialist if you have an upcoming booking that you would like to discuss.
  • Should I purchase travel insurance?
    We always encourage customers to purchase travel insurance. Each travel insurance policy is different and can have exclusions in the case of an epidemic, such as COVID-19. In addition, there are policies in the market that will protect customers from cancellation for “any reason” or “any time.” These policies have a broader range of reasons a customer can cancel and receive a percentage of their trip’s cost back. It is critically necessary that as a traveler you understand the exclusions of the policies you are buying; most plans, including Cancel Anytime plans, contain general exclusions from coverage for any loss directly or indirectly due to any loss, condition, or event that was known or foreseeable when the plan was purchased, or due to an epidemic. The rapid and vast spread of the virus will likely trigger new travel disturbances and policy changes as governments and airlines take extraordinary steps to limit the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to observe the situation daily and provide you with periodic updates.
  • What additional resources can you recommend?
    The following resources may provide important information and guidance to help you confidently make decisions regarding upcoming and potential travel: World Health Organization's (WHO)Center for Disease Control and PreventionWorldAware's nCoV Intelligence Alert HUBUS State Department Travel AdvisoriesUS State Department Passport Operations
  • How can I book an appointment with Lakay Experiences?
    Our knowledgeable specialists are available remotely for all your travel concerns. All of our specialists provide you with our excellent products and services, the adaptability and convenience that best suits your busy life. We will be there for you where and when you need us—over the phone, email, and virtual video consultation.
  • What kind of vacations does Lakay Experiences book?
    We craft and customize experiences to just about anywhere in the world and for almost every type of traveler. Lakay Experiences specializes in honeymoons, adults-only vacations, family vacations, destination weddings, group getaways, cruises, guided tours, and adventurous, independent travels.
  • Why should I book with Lakay Experiences instead of doing it myself?
    Our passionate and expert specialists have extensive knowledge of the destination you want to experience. We also send customers worldwide who are eager to give their feedback when they return. Booking with Lakay Experiences also gives you access to vacation planning advice, after-hours emergency travel assistance, and exclusive travel offers from our preferred partners available to all of our clients.
  • How much does Lakay Experiences charge?
    When you book with Lakay Experiences, we match you with an expert travel specialist offering personalized service to design a fantastic vacation just for you at a set price. Please note, some complex multi-city or long-haul itineraries may require a non-refundable consulting deposit of $150 per person to start the planning process. This deposit will then be directly applied toward the final cost of your travel plans when you book and will add no extra amount to the total price of your trip.
  • Can you work with a certain budget?
    Yes, we work within realistic budgets, and an honest sharing of ideas and goals helps us immensely when making recommendations and suggested edits to travel plans.
  • Does it cost money to get a quote?
    No, there is no fee for our vacation planning services as the travel vendors involved recognize our value and compensate us for the gross amount paid (what you would have paid even without our assistance). However, we request an intent-to-travel deposit to begin the process for those complex international itineraries that require custom crafting and significant involvement of our international on-location partners. This deposit is applied to the reservations that are made on your behalf.
  • Do I need to pay for my vacation in full?
    Some vacation packages require payment in full at the time of booking. However, many of our packages allow you to make an initial deposit and final payment later. Please speak with your travel specialist regarding the payment terms for your specific package.
  • What are forms of payment accepted?
    Lakay Experiences accepts all major credit cards.
  • Do you offer group travel?
    Yes! We have dedicated Lakay Experiences specialists and teams that specialize in group travel planning. These experts work with many groups, including destination weddings, family reunions, social groups, and corporate incentive trips.
  • How do I know I can trust your vendors?
    Lakay Experiences is exceptionally cautious when choosing our business partners and vendors. This vetting of travel suppliers and support of the 'good ones' has given us preferred access to the world's top trusted suppliers. In turn, they trust us to represent and care for the reputations they have earned over the years and to deliver the same high standard of care to our mutual clients. We are dedicated to delivering top-level service every time. We choose to work only with known, reliable providers to maintain a high standard of quality service.
  • How much baggage can I bring, and at what cost?"
    Each airline has specific baggage requirements and fees, so we suggest asking your travel specialist directly or clicking here to see our comprehensive list of airline baggage policies and conditions.
  • How early should I arrive for my flight?
    The generally recommended pre-arrival time is two hours for domestic travel and three hours before flying internationally.
  • Do I need a passport or a visa?
    A passport is the best form of identification when traveling and a requirement for international travel. Domestic travel within the United States requires a state-issued driver's license or title. Please note: Beginning October 1, 2021, any state-issued ID or license used as identification within the U.S. must be compliant with REAL ID. If you aren't sure if your ID complies with REAL ID, check with your state department of motor vehicles or click here to view TSA's REAL ID guidelines. Visas for international travel are required for U.S. citizens by some countries for entry and will be advised at booking. If you are not a U.S. citizen, we recommend you to speak with the consulate where you are a passport holder.
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    Although no one likes to spend more money, the truth is that anything can happen when traveling. Trip delays, interruptions, or cancellations can cause unexpected headaches and expenses, but travel insurance can help ensure you are protected for adjustments you need to overcome these situations. For example, some plans contain cancellation benefits. If you have a covered reason, you can be reimbursed for pre-paid non-refundable expenses, like a medical emergency or loss of employment, before your trip even begins.
  • What identification is required for hotel check-in?
    When checking in to your resort or hotel, you will need your valid driver's license or passport, along with a major credit card for incidentals.
  • How do I find out about the health requirements for my trip?
    Our specialists can guide you in understanding the health requirements to travel and enter the destination you plan to visit. You can also explore our Traveler Resources Hub containing links to essential resources, including health regulations. In addition, our COVID-19 Traveler Map includes up-to-date information on travel requirements by country. Finally, we advise you to speak with your physician on how to obtain medical conditions for travel.

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